Growing Voices offers fun and exciting music workshops for children.

Our aim is to encourage children to enjoy singing together and to have fun with their voices.

The sessions will include physical and vocal warm-ups, song learning, musical games and rhythm activities.

The sessions will be relaxed, fun and accessible, so no experience is necessary.

We will explore a wide range of music from traditional songs and old favourites to modern, funky tunes and songs from different cultures.

It’s going to be lots of fun, so come along, join in, get singing and help build a new community of young singers.

Every child, young person and adult has a right to sing, because singing connects across all ages, races, faiths and cultures.”

Howard Goodall, Composer and National Singing Ambassador


Singing is so important for developing musical skills and understanding, so these sessions will offer a great foundation for those planning to learn an instrument.

Singing in a group can

  • Help children to find their singing voice and explore musical language

  • Create a sense of shared experience and enjoyment

  • Help to increase confidence and raise self-esteem

  • Help children to express themselves and to develop an awareness of others

  • Improve memory and concentration

  • Improve circulation, breathing, and posture and raise energy levels

“Every child deserves the chance to sing every day. Singing improves learning, confidence, health and social development. It has the power to change lives and help to build stronger communities.”

Sing up


Natasha Melia    BA (Hons) music

Natasha is a pianist, piano teacher and singer who has been teaching music to children and adults in Bristol for more than a decade.

Natasha trained with Sing Up and Music Leader to lead singing projects with children after which she led sessions in schools and early years settings.

Before moving to Bristol, Natasha gained a degree in music at Sussex University, she managed a youth orchestra in Brighton and worked as Education Projects Manager at Glyndebourne Opera. She studied singing for several years and has performed as a soloist, in duets and in choirs.

Natasha has more recently worked with the innovative Bristol arts charity Gathering Voices helping to set up Bristol’s first Festival of Song.

She has a son and a daughter and lives in Bristol.

Natasha is a professional member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. She is fully insured and CRB checked and abides by the ISM Code of Ethics and the ISM Child Protection Policy.

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